Licensing and Registration

Through the licensing and registration division, the College:

•   licenses eligible physicians;
•   registers Professional Medical Corporations;
•   manages changes affecting physician files;
•   issues Certificates of Standing;
•   verifies licensure to other medical licensing authorities on behalf of physicians in Newfoundland and Labrador;
•   responds to physician and public inquiries about various issues, including the names of family physicians accepting new patients and the location or storage of medical files;
•   compiles statistical reports on physician resources; and
•   administers licence renewal.

Annual Licence Renewal

Physicians must be licensed with the College to practise medicine in Newfoundland and Labrador. The annual renewal process has two main components:

1.    Registration Information Form that contains the physician’s personal contact information as well as details on his/her training, licensing, clinical practice, continuing medical education and whether he/she is accepting new patients.

2.   Payment of annual fees.

Note:    Every year, physicians must renew their practice permits by January 15 to avoid licence suspensions and late payment penalties.

This applies to both member licences and Professional Corporation renewals.

Changes in physician contact information and/or whether a physician is accepting new patients should be sent to cpsnl@cpsnl.ca.