Decision re: Dr. Mohamed Mekawy

June 1, 2011

Summary of Adjudication Tribunal Decision

(Published under subsection 45(3) of the Medical Act, 2005)

On May 12, 2011, an Adjudication Tribunal established under the Medical Act, 2005 held a hearing into a complaint by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador against Dr. Mohamed Mekawy, a psychiatrist licensed by the College since November 7, 2003. Dr. Mekawy also held licenses to practice medicine in Indiana, Michigan and South Carolina.

The Adjudication Tribunal accepted an agreed statement of facts in which Dr. Mekawy admitted that he prescribed medication to patients under his Indiana license via the Internet without seeing and assessing the patients. Dr. Mekawy admitted that this was inappropriate and also admitted that this constituted conduct deserving of sanction in this jurisdiction. The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana and the medical licensing authorities in Michigan and South Carolina sanctioned Dr. Mekawy for this in 2007.

Dr. Mekawy also admitted that he falsely answered a question on the 2008 application for annual license renewal by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador, that he knew the answer was false at the time he gave it and that this constituted conduct deserving of sanction. The question asked was whether his license had been the subject of disciplinary action by a medical regulatory authority in another jurisdiction within the previous two years.

The Adjudication Tribunal accepted Dr. Mekawy’s guilty plea and received a joint submission on sanction. The Tribunal order that:

  1. The medical license of Dr. Mekawy be suspended for a period of four months, effective March 7, 2011, the day on which the Council of the College suspended Dr. Mekawy’s license;
  2. Dr. Mekawy be required to complete a prescribing course satisfactory to the Registrar of the College at the earliest opportunity;
  3. Dr. Mekawy provide a written undertaking to the College that he will not in the future prescribe to patients via the Internet and without seeing and assessing the patients;
  4. Dr. Mekawy pay a portion of the costs incurred by the College in the investigation and hearing of the complaint, in the amount of $10,000; and
  5. The Registrar shall publish a summary of the decision and order of the Adjudication Tribunal pursuant to subsections 45(3) and (4) of the Medical Act, 2005.

Robert W. Young, MD, FRCPC, Registrar
Date: May 31, 2011