The Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review Program is an educational process sponsored co-operatively by the Colleges and medical professional associations in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. The program has been operational since 1993, and has now peer reviewed more than 2200 physicians throughout the region.

Physicians licensed in the three provinces have been assigned an APMPR number which is the only identifier on assessment reports. As well, legislation provides for the protection of peer assessment results through the Medical Act and the Evidence Act in each province.

It is a fundamental principle of the APMPR program that the assessor must be a peer engaged in a practice similar to that of the physician being assessed.

All of the assessors have had their individual practices assessed, and have been carefully screened before being invited to participate as members of the assessment pool. They are sensitive to the professional judgment of individual physicians, conscious of the concerns about confidentiality, and committed to making the peer review process a positive and rewarding experience for those involved.

All physicians selected for peer review are requested to complete a “Physician Questionnaire” which provides APMPR with relevant information about the physician and the practice. This information is used to determine whether a physician is eligible for peer review, and to determine the scope of the physician’s practice. For instance, APMPR excludes from review those physicians not currently maintaining an active practice, but who may be contributing their medical expertise to a private company or government department.

Through education and assessment of physicians, the program is intended to contribute to quality patient care and promote excellence in medical practices. More information on the peer review process can be found at the APMPR website.

Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review
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Telephone:  +1.506.852.4441
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Executive Director:       Ms. Sue Murray
Medical Director:          Dr. Jean-Marie Auffrey, M.D.
Program Secretary:      Mrs. Chantale Landry