Note: This page is maintained for historical purposes only. Effective June 1, 2013, CPSNL uses for primary source verification of international medical credentials.

The Physician Credentials Registry of Canada (PCRC) is a division of the Medical Council of Canada (MCC).

PCRC performs two vital licensing functions: it source verifies physician credentials and it serves as a centralized electronic repository of a physician's source-verified core medical credentials. PCRC offers a national standardized approach to source verification of credentials. PCRC is designed to reduce duplication of effort by gathering, verifying and permanently storing credentials in a centralized repository.

When applying for licensure, applicants will be referred, by the licensing authority, to the PCRC website to open a physician repository account. There is a one time registration fee to initiate your physician repository account and a fee for each document submitted for source verification. These fees can only be paid by VISA or MasterCard and must be authorized in Canadian dollars.

Applicants must complete the online Source Verification Request (SVR) and then submit certified copies of certain original documents to PCRC. PCRC will obtain primary source verification of the authenticity of these documents from the entity that issued these documents. Physicians should note that once their medical credentials and supporting documents are registered with PCRC, they do not need to be produced again in Canada. If physicians registered with PCRC wish to apply for licensure in another Canadian jurisdiction they need only give consent to the appropriate medical regulatory body to access their PCRC file.

To facilitate credential verification, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador requires physicians seeking medical licensure/registration who completed their medical education outside Canada to register with PCRC.

The College requires physicians to submit copies of the following documents to PCRC for verification:

  • Medical school diploma
  • Medical school transcript
  • Specialty Certificate
  • Medical licensure/registration certificates in other jurisdictions
  • Postgraduate training certificates

Physicians will be notified by PCRC when they have received and processed the completed SVR, documentation and fee. The issuing institutions listed on the SVR form will be contacted to secure primary source verification of the submitted credentials. PCRC will send the institutions a copy of the document to be verified, an official verification request form and a photograph signed by the physician to assist in identification. PCRC will request that an official of an authorized institution complete and return the verification request.

If PCRC does not receive verification of a document within ninety (90) days of the initial request, it will send a second request for verification. PCRC will send up to three (3) reminders (one for each 90-day period) to institutions which have not responded to a request.

As the status of the verification evolves, PCRC will update the electronic profile of the applicant. The updated profile, including a list of verified credentials, can be made available to authorized licensed users with the applicant’s consent. This will allow both the College and the physician to monitor the progress of document authentication online.

The PCRC website contains an FAQ section in addition to a downloadable PCRC user guide designed to guide physicians through the process. Further questions about the registry and the credentials verification process can be directed to PCRC.

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