Under the Medical Act, 2011, a medical practitioner cannot provide his or her services by or through a corporation unless it is a professional medical corporation (PMC) registered and licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador.

A professional medical corporation must be incorporated under the Corporations Act and in accordance with the professional medical corporation regulations - Part IV of the Medical Regulations - under the Medical Act, 2011.

A certificate of standing from the Registry of Companies must accompany each PMC renewal application to the College.

Under a professional medical corporation, physicians have the same legal and ethical responsibilities to their patients as they have as individual physicians. They remain personally liable for medical negligence and also remain accountable to the College for their professional conduct.

The College recommends that physicians obtain and review the PMC application form, the notice of change form and the instructions from the College prior to incorporation of a PMC.

Professional medical corporations must be renewed annually.

1. Advisory regarding Professional Medical Incorporation

2.  Application for Licensure as a Professional Medical Corporation

3. Licensure status of physicians and continuing eligibility to maintain a professional medical corporation 

4. Fee Schedule for Professional Medical Corporations (effective 01 January 2018)