A Standard of Practice is the minimum standard of professional behaviour and ethical conduct on a specific issue expected by the College.

A Practice Guideline is a recommendation developed by the College with which members should be familiar and follow whenever and wherever possible and appropriate.

I.   Patient Care

A.  Drugs/Prescribing

1.    MMT Standards and Guidelines (June 2018)
2.    Dispensing of Medications by Physicians:  Standard of Practice (December 2018)
3.    Medical Marihuana:  Advisory and Interim Guideline
4.    Suboxone:  Practice Guideline (June 2017)
5.    Opioid Prescribing:  Practice Guideline (September 2017)
6.    Prescribing Opioids for Acute Pain:  Practice Guideline (December 2017)
7.    Prescribing:  Standard of Practice (June 2018)

B.  Patient-Physician Relationship

1.    Boundary Violations:  Practice Guideline (June 2015)
2.    Physician Treatment of Self, Family Members or Other Close to Them:  Standard of Practice (March 2017)
3.    Accepting New Patients:  Standard of Practice (March 2017)
4.    Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship:  Standard of Practice (September 2017)


C.  Other

1.    Chaperones and Sensitive Examinations:  Practice Guideline (December 2016)
2.    Medical Assistance in Dying:  Standard of Practice (March 2017) 
3.    Complementary & Alternative Medicine:  Standard of Practice (March 2017)
4.    Continuity of Care: Outpatient Consultation:  Practice Guideline
5.    Independent Medical Examinations:  Practice Guideline
Disclosure of an Adverse Outcome:  Practice Guideline 
7.    Conflict of Interest:  Standard of Practice (March 2018)
8.    Medical/Surgical Procedures in Non-Hospital Facilities:  Standard of Practice (June 2018)

II.  Administrative

1.    Advertising and Public Communications:  Practice Guideline (December 2016)
2.    Telemedicine:  Standard of Practice (March 2017)
3.    Blood-Borne Pathogens (February 2014)
4.    Responsibility for Continuity of Care for Patients without a Family Physician:  Practice Guideline
5.    Closure of Medical Practice and Extended Leave from Practice:  Practice Guideline (September 2017)
6.    Uninsured Services:  Practice Guideline (September 2017)
7.    Withdrawal of Physician Services During a Job Action:  Standard of Practice (March 2018)
8.    Physician Use of Social Media:  Practice Guideline (March 2018)
9.   Duty to Report a Colleague:  Standard of Practice (September 2018)

III. Undergraduate/Postgraduate Students

1.    Professional Responsibilities in Medical Education:  Standard of Practice (September 2017)

IV. Code of Ethics and Professionalism

1.    CMA Code of Ethics and Professionalism (December 2018)